Completed my first Spartan Sprint this past weekend and I couldn’t be happier about the results!!! My training proved to exceed even my wildest expectations. What an amazing race and I can’t wait to hit step two of my trifecta challenge in Chicago this September. I’ll be in South Carolina for the final leg in October. I am a beast, an obstacle SPARTAN beast!!!

I’ve done a Tough Mudder and now have begun my Spartan series. Tough Mudder does not compare to the physical challenge, the planning and execution of the event, and the crowd attending the race. Spartan presented physical challenges that allows the participants to challenge themselves and achieve a goal rather than being frozen or shocked for the hell of it!! What a great race, amazing day, and a wonderful challenge!!!

Get off the couch, get out there, and challenge yourself!! I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow after taking two days off after the race to heal up. Next stop, SUPER SPARTAN!!!

My wife purchased Evolution by Joe Manganiello for Christmas and its becoming a go to read for me as I prepare my workouts for increased intensity.  For those who don’t know Joe, he’s a popular actor but also a fitness aficionado who wrote this book to help the struggling person get off the couch and get in the gym. I highly recommend this book for its motivational aspect and his focus on pushing your body PAST what you think is possible.  He spends a lot of time talking about what we think is our maximum when reality we are only scratching the surface of what we are capable of. This resonated with me because I feel like I am killing it in the gym, but after running his workout for a couple days, my body feels like I have been hit by a large bus, then had that bus back over me a couple times for good measure.  🙂 The workout that he has laid out is extremely demanding and has given me some pretty good results so far. I have had to modify some of the workout since it is set up for a six day a week plan, and as much as I would like to be able to be in the gym that often, I just am not able to right now. Where the author loses me to some degree, besides the six days a week workout, is the two-a-days that he has planned at the end of the workout, and the discussion he has on diet.  In my opinion, unless working out is your job or you are a professional body builder, two workouts in a day is ridiculous. This seems to be too much of an edouver for a book that is hoping to give people motivation to get in the gym.  As far as the diet, “get rid of sugar, bread, and alcohol.”Umm… that’s three-fourths of my diet!!  haha.  I’m just kidding, but I either don’t have the discipline to take those things out of my diet, or I just don’t care enough. 

As a whole, a great read and I highly recommend it for motivation and to get a nice twist on your workout plan. Keep in mind that it is simply a tool, like many other things, that you can take things from that are relevant to you, and leave others that don’t fit who you are or who you want to be.  I will say, if you wanted to follow his plan to the letter, I have no doubt that you would have amazing results, I just don’t have that kind of time or devotion. Plus, I like my beer, sugar, and bread!!  🙂


On an obstacle beast note, starting an amazing new job this week that will require me to change my workout schedule to me being in the gym by 5:30 in the morning to allow for travel time.  I’m super pumped because I think this will be even better for me, the kids will still be asleep and I won’t have any distractions keeping me from getting through those doors!!  🙂  I say that now, but I’ll keep you updated on progress.  

I’ve got this, the beast will tear those obstacles down!!!!  

Merry Christmas!!

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Obstacle Course Racing

It’s a good day to preemptively burn off those holiday calories!! Get a good workout in today and it will make the holiday even more special because keeping your routine is an important part of motivation!!

Merry Christmas from the obstacle beast!!!

Proud daddy moment

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Twist
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My two year old was walking around with a measuring cup and spoon tonight. I asked what he was making and he said, “protein, mmmmmm this is good protein”. I asked what protein did; “makes me big and strong!!!” With a flexing motion, “muscles!”

The obstacle beast couldn’t be more proud!!!! :-).

My obstacle here lately has been the “busy life”. This leads me to the question, is a busy life enough to keep us from working out, eating healthy, and taking care of ourselves or is it just another excuse we tell ourselves to give us freedom to skip the gym, eat another doughnut, and be lazy?

I’ve been busy, sure, but we all are. And with me taking in a new position at a new company, haveing a two year old and a new born, life is sure to get even busier. My goal remains the healthy battle. There will be more obstacles now, but I’m the beast and this is what I have trained my mind and body for, to fight temptation. I’ll see ya at the gym, even if it’s before the sun comes up so I can get back home in time to spend quality time with my family before heading off to my new job. I make this promise to myself, I got this. Will it be easy? Hell no! But it will be a good test of my will and focus. Besides, I’ve got the first stage of my Spartan Trifecta in around 4 months!!!

I see the obstacles, and I will destroy them!!!!


Image  —  Posted: December 9, 2013 in Obstacle Course Racing

Oh, what a feeling when I go to stretch the day after what I thought was a mundane workout, only to realize my muscles feel like they are going to tear apart!! LOVE IT!!! Goes to show that sometimes our body’s are working harder than we realized.

Working on dropping a few pounds going into the new year, partly because I’m seeing the Spartan Race looming, and I couldn’t be more pumped!! I’ve been able to keep things under control through the holidays so far, even after taking a much needed two and a half week break from the gym.

Tearing down these obstacles of lack if sleep, thanks to my sweet newborn, holiday temptations, and cold weather trying to freeze me back into the house before I even get to the gym.

Killing it folks, and I’m feeling amazing for it!! Get off that couch, today not a month from now, and make a goal. One day becomes two, then three, and before you know it the results are busting out. A goal does not get achieved in a day, but one step towards that goal is a start. Remember, we’re all works in progress, and we’ll get there eventually if we keep putting our shoulder down and crashing through those obstacles.

This past weekend will prove to be my last competitive event until the first of the year. My second son is due to be born next week, so I’ll be taking at last a couple of weeks off from the gym for that, to be home and support my wife. I’m looking forward to having a chunk of time off, since I have not taken more than a couple of days consecutive off since early August. I try to keep it to a 10 to 12 week, 5 to 6 days a week, and then take a week off. This will be the longest break I’ve had off since starting this lifestyle almost two years ago. Of course, I say I will be taking it off, but its easy to strap on a pair of shoes and get a quick run in or even hit the heavy bag for an hour.

That being said, I came as close to my goal of a 5K under 30 minutes as I could have imagined this weekend. 30:07 is what I came in at. I missed it by an incredible 7 seconds and would have gotten it, but was not familiar enough with the course and the finish line. I had my GPS watch on, but by the end I was sprinting the last quarter-mile so I wasn’t watching that. I’ll get there and I’m excited to see what my times are for the first of the year.

Gonna hit it hard Wednesday through Saturday this week, a couple days next week, and then shut the machine down for a couple of weeks. Its time to heal and maybe lose a couple of pounds since I wont be focused on fueling this beastly machine. 🙂

Life’s good folks! I’m excited to see what some time off will do for my healing, I’m excited to crush it for this week leading into the rest, and I’m excited to meet my second little boy next week!!!! 🙂

Sometimes the biggest obstacle in the day is not allowing yourself to jump out of your desk chair with excitement, causing your co-workers to scream!!

As an update from my recent post regarding being overcome with negativity:

Last I wrote I was planning on “killing” it in the gym yesterday… well the obstacle beast didn’t disappoint. I busted out some of my favorite workouts, blasted some of my favorite muscle groups, and am really feeling the happy sore today!! Not to mention that I came out with ANOTHER kick ass workout this morning that has left me free of the side effects of a few days of negative encounters. It’s truly amazing what a couple of good workouts, some focus, and commitment to change can do for your mood.

I find it so humbling that I’m getting these sorts of workouts and am looking forward to a race on saturday, not for the race because I hate to run, but for the competition with myself. I’m so glad I’m not the slug that I was before; choosing time on the couch with a bag of chips rather than time at the gym with some heavy iron or on the road running with other healthy people.

It’s been a journey and I know I’m just somewhere in the middle of it, or just in the beginning. Either way, I keep my focus on today… and today I’ve won!! Yesterday I won!! Life takes focus, it takes determination, and it takes a commitment to health and wellness.

The cure for negativity? As much positivity as possible, until its dripping off our face in beads of sweat as you reach for the rack to do one more set… knowing that you got this!!!

I’m leaning on the masochist side, with a pinch of teammate for good measure!! 🙂

On My Way To Sparta

personalityParticipate in enough OCRs and you will notice that there are all types of personalities on the course.  After a considerable amount of thought, I’ve broken the personalities into 4 category types.  Each one is a scale in which someone is low, high, or somewhere in between.  It is possible for individuals to be high on more than one type, but many will find that one type defines them much more than the others.

The Competitor:  I’m sure you know this type.  You see them on OCR podiums.  The competitor structures life around training and racing.  Nutrition, training, & rest are carefully monitored and planned to bring optimum performance.  Competitors don’t haphazardly approach their fitness regimens.  They have their training plan and they stick to it religiously – tweaking it for upcoming events or to improve on weaknesses.  Competitors are not satisfied unless they perform their absolute best.  Even then, they…

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